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Why have Implants?

Dental implants are the closest a patient can get to real teeth when things go wrong. They offer a long lasting solution and the equivalent strength and durability of your own, healthy teeth. The placing of implants helps many patients overcome the problems associated with loss of teeth, for example: the loss of your smile and confidence, and the loss of your chewing ability. Such issues can be distressing for patients and when these problems are overcome it is a very happy day for them and a very satisfying day for the dentist.

What are Implants?

Implants come in many different shapes and sizes but most are cylindrical and mimic the shape of a natural root. The implant, made from titanium, is attached to the bone under the gum. The body accepts the pure metal and bone grows to surround and incorporate it. This process we call osseointegration.
Once implants have been integrated they can either be crowned, so the patient is left with a natural looking and long lasting replacement for their own tooth, or they can be used to attach onto a denture or a bridge.
In our practice we use Nobel Biocare products and products from their sister company (visit Nobel Biocare have a long track record in research and development going back some 60 years, which gives testimony to their products and services. In our experience, we have found the provision of implants to be a successful and a beneficial treatment with remarkably little discomfort for our patients. We look forward to providing this treatment more and more in the future to help patients maintain quality of life after loss of teeth.



Implants can be achieved within just 4 months and start at around £2,200. The process consists essentiality of three appointments: the placement of the implant, impression taking and the placement of the top components. If you would like to discuss your options for having implants, please contact us to book an implant consultation appointment.
We are pleased to be able to offer intravenous sedation. Sedation is available on request and may be advised for more difficult cases or when placing multiple implants.
Cosmetic Dentistry
As well as implants, we offer a wide range of other cosmetic solutions such as: crowns, bridges, dentures, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening trays and facial augmentation.

The Team

Howard Jones
Howard Jones M.Med.Sci (Implantology)

Howard qualified at Leeds Dental School in 1983. His more recent challenge was to explore the field of implantology and has succeeded in gaining a Medical Masters in the discipline. He works and teaches at the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital which provides a stimulating and refreshing input to his professional career. In his spare time, Howard somehow manages to fit in some acting; so keep an eye out on the big screen!

    Julian Yates
    Julian Yates


    Julian is our qualified Sedationist. He qualified from the University of Glasgow in 1996 and is now a Professor in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Manchester where he is a clinical teacher in all aspects of Oral Surgery including Implant Dentistry. He has extensive experience in all aspects of Implantology – intra and extra oral. This includes soft and hard tissue reconstruction and bone augmentation.

      Bernadette Hoyland
      Bernadette Hoyland

      Dental Nurse

      Bernadette has worked alongside Howard for 24 years. She is  hyper-organised, very experienced and gets on well with everyone. She is our qualified oral health educator and her bubbly and enthusiastic nature puts even the most  nervous of patients at ease. The perfect nurse.

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